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Financial Loan Calculator - Use this as a guide to what your new business loan may cost in monthly payments.  Keep in mind, the structure of the deal typically lowers purchase price by 20-25%.  

SBA Guaranty Loan Programs - Many banks can offer SBA loans for this industry, NOT all banks will correctly prepare the loan package for this industry and they become denied. 

This is where we are able to guide and connect you with the banks that work with the SBA for this industry. We are intimately familiar with the extra steps requested by banks for underwriting with SBA guarantee loan programs.  We will help you prepare and package the deal documentation specifically suited to the Lenders we work with.  This streamlines the SBA loan process towards a speedy approval.  Too often bank associates are not familiar with the proper steps and this is the main cause of loan applications that get held up in the under-writing department. We continue pushing the deal through the funding stages with our comprehensive knowledge of the process.

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Financing Options (Buyers) ​- What is the best business loan to finance FedEx routes?  Does the SBA guarantee loans for this type of business model?  We are here to point you in the right direction.  There are specific banks who lend in this industry.  I highly suggest you take advantage of the opportunities our extensive knowledge will provide.  Our advice will assist even the most savvy of business people. We review your specific situation and offer insight on multiple ways to structure the down-payment acceptable to banks.  Education is key. 

401(k) ​- How do I use my 401(k) as a down payment for a business loan?

How do I use it properly to avoid taxes and penalties?   

Aegis Investment Group is not endorsed or recommended by Federal Express Corp. and FedEx Ground. Aegis Investment Group is not sponsored with, and no connection whatsoever with FedEx Express Corp. or FedEx Ground.

Seller Notes & How they work -  Very often we work with Sellers who are willing to hold a sellers note with Buyers as part of the deal structure.  This helps lower the amount a Buyer needs as a down-payment by 40-66%.  Sellers who desire to spread their gains over several years and retain a monthly income will often give a sellers note for 6-8% interest over 5-7 years.  Sellers & Buyers should take advantage of this feature for three main reasons;​

      1.   It shows banks & buyers evidence that the seller is confident in the future of the business.

      2.  A portion may be used as Buyer's (borrower) equity injection even with an SBA Loan.  

      3.  It helps open up a larger pool of buyers.