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Aegis Investment Group is not endorsed or recommended by Federal Express Corp. and FedEx Ground. Aegis Investment Group is not sponsored with, and no connection whatsoever with FedEx Express Corp. or FedEx Ground.

​​For Buyers

This allows you access to higher cash flows with a lower down payment. Increases Cash on Cash Return with use of leverage.

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We strive to help business owners develop a solid foundation and business strategy so they can successfully sell their business while ensuring proper training for the new owner. We will work to improve profitability for sellers and buyers without the headache of making sure things are getting done correctly every step of the way. 

What our services can do for you, with just one phone call . . . 

Reassurance on your side,...finally

  • List your Business on the most visited and reputable business listing sites.
  • Effectively value your Business for sale or Acquisition Target.
  • Negotiate deal terms. 
  • Provide access to full library of transaction documents.  
  • Provide you with weekly email updates.​
  • Establish DropBox storage to streamline our Due Diligence information. 
  • Pre-qualify all Buyers, showing proof of funds for down-payment on Purchase. 
  • Guide Buyers and Sellers through the Approval Process.
  • Access to library of required Materials, Business plans, etc.
  • Access to multiple Lenders that WILL lend on FedEx Routes.

We manage the entire deal process to allow business owners to focus their efforts on running their respective businesses and avoiding deal distractions.

“Aegis delivered everything they promised. Trusting and ensuring me a great investment. And now as an Independent Business Owner, their guidance has proven my FedEx route business to be successful 6 years in a row! ”

Robert Helms


For Sellers

This makes your Routes more marketable and valuable by opening up to more buyers.

​​​​​​​​​​​​One-of-it's-kind resource for current & future independent business owners exclusively specializing in your industry​

 ​​​As your source-adviser, we perform all the duties below with zero up-front costs. We ask that you give us a six month commitment to sell your business.  We are motivated, dedicated and focused to sell your business.  Advisory fee of the sold price is paid at closing.  Everyone wins!​