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​​​​​​What makes us special;  We will be that someone who understands your business model and go-to person for the best possible advice as you approach discovering if or when selling is a good decision.  Our service is rare and we do it really well for our clients.  As a client, your needs won't get lost or be forgotten.  We purchased a large FedEx business in Washington DC, utilizing SBA financing, which was said could not be done from multiple sources.  We purchased 15 routes and grew it to 23 routes.  We negotiated 2 lucrative contracts with FedEx during our tenure.  As a former FedEx ISP;  we utilize the knowledge of FedEx route procurement, along with directing buyers gain financing from banks who know how to finance FedEx routes. We assist current and future FedEx IC's and ISP's to Buy, Sell, and Finance FedEx Routes.  As your one-of-a-kind resource, we will expertly guide you with a plan of action to Evaluate the worth of your routes for you to then decide if Selling is in your radar.  Plus we guide Buyers for one of the best investments money can make.  Clients work with us through word of mouth and that is the greatest compliment of all.


What is the Value of my Routes..? We specialize in finding values in your data, demographics, contracts, hard-assets, future assets.

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 We don't get paid until your business sells.  We get paid by commission of the sold price, NOT the listed price.  Our fee is ridiculously competitive.  We are a boutique advisor who understands companies like yours. 


To educate, guide and bridge sellers and buyers into realizing their goals while building relationships to ensure a smooth experience long term.


​​​​​​​​​​​​One-of-it's-kind resource for current & future independent business owners exclusively specializing in your industry​

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Aegis Investment Group is not endorsed or recommended by Federal Express Corp. and FedEx Ground. Aegis Investment Group is not sponsored with, and no connection whatsoever with FedEx Express Corp. or FedEx Ground.

​​​We help you to achieve what you've been putting off . . .  
You will be relieved when you discover the worth of your business and how easy selling it is.  Maybe you feel the business isn't where you'd like it to be for selling.  Let's talk, we give support from first hand experience.  You can have your business primed for selling in less time than you think.  Tell us what your goals are and any recurring obstacles you may be dealing with.  Determining the best strategies can only happen for you when you are open to trying something different in order to produce the desired result.  I am confident you will experience our interaction with added assurance guiding you every step of the way.

We review contracts as part of your business evaluation while discovering higher profitability towards re-negotiation.

We will negotiate with Buyers & Sellers to arrive at the best scenario for your needs as we develop together.

Zero Upfront & No long term contracts